Hiking in Italy

According to statistics, Italy is the 3rd most visited country globally, with 94 million visitors in 2019. The country is diverse in all definitions of the word, and there’s plentiful hiking everywhere in the country.

I will focus on the Northern areas such as South Tyrol (Alto Adige), home to the spectacular Dolomites, and the Aosta Valley, where the magnificent Gran Paradiso national park is.

Excellent food and wine are a given.

Horses Near Passo di San Pellegrino

The Dolomites Alta Via 2 Planning Guide

This planning guide is by far the most read article on this site. It contains all the information you need to plan for Dolomites Alta Via 2, and links to more.


The Meraner Höhenweg Planning Guide

The Meraner Höhenweg, or Alta via di Merano in Italian, is a relatively easy and beautiful circular trail that will take you around the Texelgruppe National park

A Big Backpack to Lose

The Ultimate Packing Guide

You can walk in any gear or with no gear. However, when in the mountains, there are things to consider for safety and comfort, and essential gear that you need to have.

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Stories from Italy

View to Sassolungo from near Puezhütte

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