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Trekking in Karwendel: Hallerangerhaus to Nordkette

Our third day of our 3 Day Tour of in Karwendel took us from Hallerangerhaus, which is in the depths of the Karwendel Nature Park, to the bustling city of Innsbruck. That is, back into realms of civilization. Most of the day’s walking was on the Eagle Walk (Adlerweg) that crosses Tyrol from end to end. Nearing Innsbruck, the trails took us to the Nordkette range, just north of Innsbruck.

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Trekking in Karwendel: A 3 Day Tour, Part 1

A 3 Day Tour in the Karwendel Nature Park, from Scharnitz to Innsbruck, staying at Karwendelhaus and Hallerangerhaus along the way. That’s the brief of the tour we did to briefly explore Karwendel. In this article I will briefly introduce Karwendel Nature Park and talk about our first day on our tour which took us from Scharnitz to Karwendelhaus.

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The Beginner’s Guide to Hiking the Alps

You may be an experienced outdoors person but you might have never been to the Alps. Maybe you’re a beginner to hiking altogether? Whatever the case may be, this article will give you the basics of the European Alps. I’ll share my views why hiking in the Alps is probably a really good idea.

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