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Gohikealps is Inspiration and Advice for Hiking in the Alps!

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My name is Pekka and I'm an Alpine Enthusiast. I love to go to the Alps all year round to either hike or ski. Although I'm lucky to get to go quite often, the Alps for me are always a flight away. Quite often is never often enough.

Having to travel always makes it a special occasion to go. There's a need to plan ahead to make the most of it and there's always time and money involved. I've found myself often giving advice to people I know and helping them with the planning.

I created this site for people like myself who love the mountains but don't live there. You'll find plenty of practical advice on where you might want to go and what you need to consider when planning. The advice is geared towards the European Alps, since they are unique in many ways.

I hope you find this site useful! If so, please share - If not, please let me know what should be improved!

Affiliate Disclosure

As much as I wish maintaining this site could become a full time job, it's quite far from it. To help cover the cost of maintaining, you will find that there are advertisements and links to products on these pages. I do my best to keep them relevant and if I actually recommend something, it is a product I use myself.

If you choose to purchase anything through these advertisement or links, may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

Advice for Hiking the Alps

  • Explore why I think you should consider the Alps as a destination.
  • Take a good look at what gear you need when you go - it's not only a matter of comfort but also safety.
  • Make your plans with experience backed advice.

Featured Long Trails

There's more long trails in the Alps than most of us can walk in a lifetime. There's not much point for Gohikealps to even try covering them all. Gohikealps will rather feature trails that I consider to be ones worthy of mention and in most cases have been on myself.

Many of them are very long and demanding, not necessarily even possible or viable to do on one trip. Others are less challenging but beautiful. Advice on Gohikealps and elsewhere will help you plan properly and make informed choices on where to go.

Content related to the Dolomites Alta Via 2 is by far the most popular on Gohikealps. It's covered in much detail and the perfect place to begin exploring it is the Resource Guide below.


Hiking in Austria

Austria is one of main Alpine countries to visit.  In addition to the absolutely endless hiking opportunities, excellent infrastructure and exceptional beauty of the country - it is easy to reach. I find myself going back time after time.

A major factor for visiting again and again is Munich Airport in Germany, which is a very convenient place to fly to and is close to the mountains of Austria.

To explore hiking in Austria, I recommend beginning with the Hiking in Austria - A Comprehensive Guide right here on Gohikealps.


Hiking in Italy

For a lot of people Italy might be more associated with pizza and other culinary delights, beaches and the Mediterranean, Rome as well as popular culture with the Mafia. Nevertheless, in the context of Gohikealps, the Northern parts of Italy are a hiking paradise.

Practically the entire Northern border of Italy is in the Alps. There are absolutely gorgeous regions such as the Dolomites (A UNESCO protected area!) and Aosta Valley (that ends at Europe's highest mountain the Mont Blanc), to name a couple. I'm personally a huge fan of South Tyrol.

A Gohikealps Hiking in Italy Guide is in the works. Sign up for our newsletter to know when it's available!


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Happy hiking!


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