Hello, mountain seeker!

My name is Pekka. I live in Finland with my family, and I’m passionate about hiking & skiing in the Alps. I’ve spent a lot of time hiking, trekking and skiing in the Alps. I love it,  and am waiting for my kids to grow up a little to get back at it as a family.

Since I live far away up north, I need to travel for each trip. That means planning and preparation. I’ve gained a lot of practical experience from traveling back and forth. On this site I’ll share my experience and opinions on what I think is worth knowing. 

I started Gohikealps in 2015 to organize photos, memories and information in a meaningful way for myself and friends. Then I decided to put it out there and share with the world. Anything you want to know about the Alps is online and in books. Still, I found that it can be surprisingly hard to find relevant information unless you knew exactly what to look for, or where to go. Hence, this site.

Unless otherwise stated, all opinions and information on this site are based on personal experiences. This site is by no means a complete guide to the Alps or hiking in general. Any activity in the mountains comes with risk, and you need to do your research and be realistic about your experience and ability. I try to provide information as accurate as I can but I can give no guarantees since things do change.

The good thing about the trails themselves is that they tend to remain the same, considering  some of them having been there for thousands of years.

I hope you find the information here useful!

Happy hiking,


Disclaimer: Please note that you may  see the occasional advertisement or affiliate link. Clicking on any of them may earn Gohikealps a small commission at no additional cost to you. If I recommend a product, service or location, it is one I have personal experience with. I don’t have illusions of being able to quit my day job for this, but it sure would be nice to cover some of the costs. Thanks in advance for your support!

Morning near Wilder Kaiser

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