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When you get the urge to go hiking or trekking in the European Alps, you will find that there’s an overwhelming amount of really wonderful places to go to and choosing is difficult. There’s more hiking trails and long treks in the Alps than you can probably do in your lifetime. All of the different regions and towns compete fiercely against each other for visitors and most areas have invested heavily in their online presence. If you already know where you want to go, you’ll easily find information. Some of it might be in German, French or Italian but still, it’s available.

The question then is, how do you choose where to go and where do you get unbiased information? That’s where comes in. This site will help you decide where to go and how to get there – and what to do once there!

On top if the Sella Group

On top of the Sella Group – So many choices!

GoHikeAlps - pekka

GoHikeAlps – Pekka

My name is Pekka. I’m in my early forties and live in Helsinki, Finland with my wife and baby boy. My wife and I have spent a lot of time hiking, trekking and skiing in the Alps. We just love it. Over the years we’ve learned a lot about the different regions, particularly in Austria, Italy, France and Switzerland.

We had been to the Alps to ski several times and knew that mountains were our thing. However, we didn’t really have any hiking or trekking experience in the mountains so when we began, it opened up a whole new world for us. We’ve more or less become addicted to the sport and the part of the world. Since beginning more than 10 years ago we have now hiked extensively in the Alps and we’ve done a lot of research in deciding where to go and why.

(Unfortunately) We don’t live in the Alps so we need to travel there separately for each trip, which means added planning, getting to know airports and the logistics of it all.  We’ve gained a lot of practical experience from traveling back and forth and I’ll share my opinions on what makes most sense. We have thousands of photos from our trips, maps from all the trails we’ve been on, experience with different gear and so on. We actually find that friends often come to us for advice when planning their own trips.

There’s plenty of organized tours available. Nothing wrong with them but we strongly prefer going at it by ourselves, at our own pace and with the ability to change our plans as we go. Organizing an independent trip into the Alps is easy, regardless of where you travel from. I’ll show you how.

Initially I just wanted to organize all the photos, memories and information in a meaningful way for ourselves and any friends who might be interested. Looking at how to do this, I quickly realized it would make sense to put all of it together on a website. I then decided there would be no harm in making the site public and to top it off, I saw this as an opportunity to brush up my knowledge of online publishing and marketing.

After some testing and prototyping, I finally kicked off this site in September 2015 and am gradually adding content from all the trips we’ve done in the past and will do in the future. If you find site this useful and wish to support it, you can do so by buying something through any of the advertisements displayed. There’s never any extra cost to you, but this site will receive a small commission on any purchases made through it. If I ever recommend or don’t recommend a product or service, it is one that I have used myself and have personal experience with.

To be clear: Unless otherwise stated, all opinions and information on this site are based on personal experiences and this site is by no means a complete guide to the Alps or any other region. I will be as accurate as possible but can give no guarantees since sometimes things do change. I will provide links to up to date information, such as transportation timetables etc. elsewhere when possible. The good thing about the trails themselves is that they don’t change. Some of them have been there for thousands of years…

Taking it easy in the mountains...

Taking it easy in the mountains…

We’ve chosen our trails to suit our preferences and other people will make different choices which are just as good. That’s a big part of the addiction we suffer from: there’s endless opportunity and the choice is yours only!

Happy Hiking!




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