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The internet is full of information about the Alps. Travel and tourism is a huge business and everybody wants you to visit their destination. This means that there are a lot of choices, for every budget and ambition. However, you will be quickly overwhelmed because everybody promotes their own valley and town. Where do you begin looking if you don’t know beforehand?

Well, you can begin here. I’ve decided to put Alpine information into a directory and on a map. I’ve started with Austria and parts of Italy. So far, I’ve mainly included official tourism sites since they tend to be informative and professionally maintained.  I hope to make this directory as comprehensive as I can over time.

This is always work in progress. Do let me know how I’m doing and get in touch if you think you should be listed.


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Disclaimer: Please note that you may  see the occasional advertisement or affiliate link on this site. Clicking on any of them may earn Gohikealps a small commission at no additional cost to you. If I recommend a product, service or location, it is one I have personal experience with. I don't have illusions of being able to quit my day job for this, but it sure would be nice to cover some of the costs. Thanks in advance for your support!


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