Nothing really compares to waking up to a beautiful morning with a long day in the mountains ahead. For me, it’s the beauty of the land, curiosity of seeing what’s on the other side and anticipating for just the right pace to set in.

At the end of the day, it’s the cold beer knowing you deserved it, the food, the atmosphere and a good night sleep. The feeling of knowing your place in the worls, when you realize just how mall you really are. 

The Alps is the place to go to seek a hiking adventure regardless of your experience. It has it all. Remote places if you seek them, but also the ease of getting there and the excellence of the infrastructure to support you.

Zillergrund to Heilig-Geist-Jöchl and Back

Zillergrund to Heilig-Geist-Jöchl and Back

We arrived in Mayrhofen late in the evening and planned to eat well, sleep well and go do a nice, long day hike the next morning. It had been a while since our previous hike and we wanted to do a test run before going on the Berliner High Trail, a demanding multiday...


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