Hiking in Austria

If mountains and the outdoors are a part of your way of life, Austria has it all. Austria is home to the world-famous Swarovski jewelry, highly recommended Riedel Wine glasses and Mozart but is also an outdoors paradise. Even if it may not be quite as famous as neighboring Switzerland, Austria is easily one of the best hiking countries in the world.

Tyrol - Berlin High Trail

Where is the Best Hiking in Austria?

Comprehensive look at the different regions in Austria, and their hiking characteristics. Long read with pretty much everything you need to get acquainted.

On the Lechtaler Höhenweg

Lechtaler Höhenweg Planning Guide

The Lechtaler Höhenweg is a demanding but rewarding 8-10 day hike through the Lechtaler Alps. It’s easy to reach from international airports. Here’s how to do it.

A Big Backpack to Lose

The Ultimate Packing Guide

You can walk in any gear or with no gear. However, when in the mountains, there are things to consider for safety and comfort, and essential gear that you need to have.

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Stories from Austria

Zillergrund to Heilig-Geist-Jöchl and Back

Zillergrund to Heilig-Geist-Jöchl and Back

We arrived in Mayrhofen late in the evening and planned to eat well, sleep well and go do a nice, long day hike the next morning. It had been a while since our previous hike and we wanted to do a test run before going on the Berliner High Trail, a demanding multiday...

On the Widauersteig

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