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Malga Ciapela to Passo di San Pellegrino

Day 5 of our Dolomites Alta Via 2 trek took us on the Marmolada in the morning and then to Passo di San Pellegrino. Malga Ciapela Malga Ciapela is a small resort right next to the highest mountain in the Dolomites, the mighty Marmolada. We didn’t find the resort very exciting but wanted to stay there for the night to be able to take the cable car from there to Punta Rocca, Marmolada – after all, if you’re there, this is in my opinion something you should do as long as the weather is decent. No point going if...

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Passo Pordoi to Malga Ciapela, Marmolada Behind Clouds

Dolomites Alta Via 2 continues with Day 4: Passo Pordoi to Malga Ciapela. Fatigue sets in, Marmolada is completely clouded and it rains all day. Awesome day in hindsight! Our Day 3 of on the Sella Group was challenging and even dangerous because of the weather, probably making it one of the most memorable hiking days ever. The contrast was great since our Day 4 posed no challenges whatsoever and we knew we missed out on some of the greatest views ever – Marmolada for us stayed in the clouds. Passo Pordoi and Sella Ronda All that said, when...

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Passo Gardena to Passo Pordoi – Whiteout!

Day 3 of our Dolomites Alta Via 2 trek took us over the impressive Sella Massif. It was an unexpected experience to get caught in a whiteout snow storm on our summer holiday in Italy and a good reminder of why you must prepare for any weather in the mountains. After spending the night at Passo Gardena, we scrambled up on to the Sella Massif and crossed it to get to Passo Pordoi on the other side. An interesting day to say the least and looking back, potentially dangerous. I guess we were hoping more for walking in the...

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Schlüterhütte to Passo Gardena: Day 2 on Alta Via 2

Morning at Schlüterhütte We woke up to a cloudy morning to find that the Schlüterhütte and everything around it was covered with snow. Not a lot, maybe an inch or few centimeters. Of course this was nothing out of the ordinary in the mountains but it being in the middle of our summer vacation, it was a little unexpected. We had a fairly ambitious plan for the day aiming to hike all the way to Passo Gardena with lunch at the Puezhütte. A lot of people would have opted to aim for Puezhütte and spend the night there. We,...

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Dolomites Alta Via 2, Day 1: Brixen to Schlüterhütte

Day 1 of Dolomites Alta Via 2 was different for us than what the suggested staging is. The suggested first day starts from Brixen (or Bressanone in Italian) and ends at Rifugio Bressanone 5½ hours later. It’s all uphill which is fine, but it goes through a ski area which made it less interesting for us. Our original plan was to take a lift up and walk all the way to Schlüterhütte (aka Rifugio Genova) which would be the second night on the suggested staging. Check out my overview about our Alta Via 2 trek: Walking Dolomites Alta Via...

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