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Walking Dolomites Alta Via 2

The Dolomites Alta Via 2 is probably the best trek we have ever done. The Dolomites are a truly unique mountain range and well deserve their UNESCO World Heritage designation. Alta Via 2 cuts right through some of the most beautiful parts. Highly recommended! UPDATE: Due to popularity and demand, I recently wrote up a Planning Guide for the Alta Via 2. It’s very comprehensive and contains all the info you need to plan for this awesome trek. Please take a look here: About the Dolomites and Alta Via 2 The Dolomites are a mountain range area in the...

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Munich Airport: Best for Tirol and even Südtirol

In my attempt to help you decide where to go and how, I’ll start my airport reviews with my personal favorite: Munich. From Munich to the Alps: Tirol and Südtirol Munich International Airport or Flüghafen Munchen  is in my opinion the best international airport to fly to if you intend to go to Tirol in Austria. And if you’re going hiking or trekking in the Alps, chances are that’s exactly where you want to go! For example, Innsbruck, Mayrhofen, Kitzbühel, Sölden and even St. Anton are all roughly within a 3 hour drive. That’s, of course, with the assumption...

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