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Mayrhofen – Base camp for Zillertal

Mayrhofen is possibly not as well known internationally as Kitzbühel, St. Anton am Arlberg and some others. However, with 1.3 million overnight stays every year the village in the Zillertal region is Austria’s second most visited tourism spot. Mayrhofen is definitely a place to check out, no matter if in summer or in winter. Like in many villages in the Alps, the busiest timer are based on winter sports. Nevertheless, summer activities are plentiful and as a hiking base-camp, Mayrhofen offers enormous opportunities. And as it often is, because the infrastructure is built for the winter, you can find...

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Meraner Höhenweg Planning Guide

The Meraner Höhenweg, or Alta via di Merano in Italian, is a relatively easy and beautiful circular trail that will take you around the Texelgruppe National park (Parco Naturale Gruppo di Tessa). It mostly is a gentle walk but on the north side it has a high mountain stretch reaching up to almost 3000 meters. Access is easy and public transportation is available to and from Merano. There are several access points to get on the trail. Along the route there are a lot of places where you can stop for a quick bite, drink something or to sleep....

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St. Anton am Arlberg – Basecamp for Vorarlberg Hiking!

Often referred to as “The Cradle of Alpine Skiing”, the picturesque mountain village of St. Anton am Arlberg draws huge numbers of outdoor-loving visitors every year. Be it mountaineers in the summer or winter sports fans in the cold season – St Anton offers a huge variety of activities for young and old. Despite being an internationally renowned venue, the village has not lost its traditional charm and hospitality. Tourism is St Anton’s main economical factor. Offering around 10,000 guest beds for about a million overnight stays every winter, the town has clearly set its priority towards winter tourism....

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Alta Via 2 Itinerary: The Dolomites AV2 Planning Guide

The Dolomites Alta Via 2 must easily be one of the most beautiful treks in the world. For any hiker seeking the best European experiences, this should be very high on your list. The Dolomites are a mountain range in North-Eastern Italy, designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site due to their rugged, natural beauty. The Dolomites really are a unique part of the world well worth visiting both in the summer and winter. In the summer it’s a paradise for hikers and climbers and in the winter it turns into a ski paradise. Alta Via 2 crosses a...

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11+ Hours: Memminger to Hanauer Hütte to Boden & Imst

Third day on the Lechtaler Höhenweg started towards Hanauer Hütte at Memminger Hütte instead of Württemberger Haus like I had planned. I was behind my schedule. I needed a shortcut to get back on schedule and what followed was trail overload. The Lechtaler Höhenweg is a 10-day hike that goes across the main ridge of the Lechtaler Alps and ends at Anhalter Hütte about 100 kilometers (62 miles) later. It starts at Stuttgarter Hütte, near Lech, but you can get on and off the trail in several places. It can easily be done in less days than 10 if...

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